Automobile Accident Attorneys

With over 300,000 automobile accidents occurring in NY State during 2013 according to the DMV, it is important to know what tools are readily available to you if an automobile accident occurs. Our car accident lawyers have handled thousands of automobile accident cases, ranging from small cases to substantial awards. We work closely with our clients assisting in no-fault matters and remaining in close contact with the clients throughout each stage of the litigation through settlement or trial.

Our experienced car accident attorneys are proactive and hands-on in shaping strategies suited to maximize the possibility of success in each case. Our attorneys will determine the best resolution, whether that be a settlement or determination by judge, jury or arbitrator. We are here to ensure you that each case will be treated with individualized care and the best solution will be chosen for each individual situation.

If you were involved in an automobile accident please contact our firm today, we conveniently have locations in Poughkeepsie, NY and Beacon, NY.