Back to School Safety For You And Your Children


Summer is coming to an end and it’s that time of year when our children head back to school. With the new school year approaching, it is important to keep in mind some safety tips to help our children have a safe and successful school year.

Maintain slow speed while driving near schools and residential areas
With the reopening of schools comes increased vehicular traffic as well as child pedestrians, especially at and around the beginning and end of the school day. Around these times, the areas close to schools are potentially dangerous for drivers as well as children walking to and from school. Younger children are less aware of potential danger around them and more impulsive, thus they tend to run in the road unexpectedly. For this reason, is it is important to drive slowly around schools as well as around residential areas where children may be waiting for the school bus.

Encourage children to be aware of their surroundings
It is important to remind your children to be observant of their surroundings while waiting for the school bus or walking to and from school. Not only may there be distracted drivers who may not be looking out for children, but there may be unleashed dogs also posing a potential risk to your children’s safety. If possible, children should walk with other children in the neighborhood so that they are not alone and more visible to drivers.

Recognize warning signs of bullying
Motor vehicle accidents and unleashed dogs are not the only causes of injuries to children, however. In recent years, the incidents of childhood bullying have significantly increased especially due to developing technology. Bullying often occurs over the internet or through phones also known as cyberbullying. Some of the signs children may exhibit if they are being bullied include withdrawing, speaking negatively of their days at school or showing a strong aversion towards going to school. If your child exhibits any of these signs you should reach out to your child’s school if you think your child is a victim of bullying.

Unfortunately, bullying is not always done through technology and can occur in person while your child is at school. As a result of bullying, your child may sustain physical injuries. If your child is injured by another student or a third party at school you may be entitled to compensation.