There are special provisions of the New York Labor Law (Sections 200, 240 & 241(6)) which provide special protection for workers who are required, as part of their jobs, to work at “elevated heights”. “Elevated heights” has been held by courts to cover everything from Skyscraper scaffold cases to beams only a few feet off the ground (in the latter cases it depends on circumstances).

The Firm of Spiegel Brown & Fichera, LLP has specialized in the handling of a wide variety of construction accident cases for over 30 years.

It is important to know, if you are an injured worker as a result of a fall or as a result of an object falling upon you from an “elevated height”, you may be eligible for a special status under the New York Labor Law which has been designed to protect construction workers.

The business community, especially the insurance industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have fought with the Legislature in Albany to have these laws changed. The trial lawyers of New York, such as Spiegel Brown & Fichera, LLP, have fought diligently in the Legislature to “hold the line” on preserving these special protection for construction workers.

More importantly, of course, is that we have fought successfully, in the courts, for injured workers who have fallen or had objects fall upon them, as a result of collapsing scaffolds, ladders and many varied circumstances too numerous to mention. In the process, we have managed to obtain substantial recoveries that have made our clients financially whole – which the worker’s compensation laws just simply do not accomplish for seriously injured workers.

If you are a construction worker who has been injured as a result of a fall from a height or as a result of an object falling from a height, you should call a law firm who has had long and successful handling of these types of claims for its clients over many years, such as Spiegel Brown & Fichera, LLP.

We will never charge you a fee for anything on a worker’s construction accident case, except as may be clearly disclosed to you, in advance and in writing. We provide free consultation and, if we agree to represent you in your claim, any fees will be incurred by you and payable by you, only – and if – we recover for you.